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Office Bearers

Justice S Venkataraman

Justice S. Venkataraman


Nadoja Wooday P Krishna

Nadoja Dr. Wooday P. Krishna



Sri Ramakrishnan

Smt. Revathi Tarakaram

Smt. Revathi Tarakaram


Executive Committee Members

Dr. C. N. Gupta

Dr. D. V. Guruprasad, I.P.S.

D. K. Gururaj

R. Krishna Murthy

D. Kuppuswamy

Smt. Bharathi Ramdas

Smt. Lalitha Dwajan

K. Shirish Kumar

S. Suresh

Dr. Sarita S. Rao

The committee extends its thanks to Smt. & Sri S. R. Iyer, our well-wishers, music-lovers, patrons and sponsors.

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